As sponsors of TED Center educational programming, companies are recognized as leaders in advancing small business owners and their enterprises and as champions of entrepreneurs in business leadership.  The TED Center offers educational workshops on a weekly basis.  Most workshops are free to clients or cost a nominal fee to cover costs.  

Workshop sponsorship delivers exceptional recognition to companies and provides an opportunity for high-visibility co-branding. Through sponsorship, companies demonstrate their commitment to helping individuals unlock their unique entrepreneurial potential and dare to dream for bright futures. As a sponsor you will become a partner of this important resource to entrepreneurs in the community. Sponsorship enables the TED Center:

  • To provide entrepreneurship education to increasing numbers of students every year.
  • To support program innovation and an outstanding corps of training instructors.
  • To enhance programs with entrepreneurial activities that allows students to apply their learning to life.
  • To maintain excellent research and evaluation systems that track TED Center’s impact on students’ lives and promote continuous improvements in program content and delivery.

Sponsorship Levels

  • Friend Circle - $1,000
  • Mentor Circle - $3,000
  • Entrepreneur Circle - $5,000
  • Corporate Circle - $10,000




One (1) Educational Workshop of your choice

Benefits of sponsorship:  Your organization will be the sole sponsor. Your organization will be acknowledged for this workshop in our publicity materials, website, and on all handouts and certificates of completion awarded to participants for the workshop.  A representative of your company will have the opportunity to make a presentation about your company’s services at the completion of the workshop.


Three (3) Educational Workshops of your choice

Benefits of sponsorship:  All of the above, plus your organization will have the option to present its own workshop related to your organization’s business focus.  Your organization name will also appear on our sponsorship display located in our lobby.


One (1) Educational Workshop Series

Benefits of sponsorship:  All of the above, plus a press release will be issued announcing your organization’s sponsorship of the workshop series, detailing the educational workshop series’ name, content and the audience it will assist.


Your organization will be the sole sponsor of a

One (1) Customized Educational Workshop Series

Benefits of sponsorship:  All of the above, plus acknowledgement of your organization on the TED Center and FWBC web site with your corporate logo and a link to your website.

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