The TED Center’s Strategic Partners are the capacity builders for growing and sustaining small business. They are the building blocks and the foundations, helping entrepreneurs develop efficient operating systems, strong governance structures and providing essential business resources, services, and products at special rates.

The TED Center brings visibility to entrepreneurs’ approach to doing business and their economic and social impact on the business world.  We identify the issues entrepreneurs care about - as well as the challenges of running and growing their businesses. Our outstanding work gets companies, policy makers, and other organizations to step forward and meet entrepreneurs’ needs with good programs, products, and services. By documenting individual’s successes as entrepreneurs and as economic leaders, the center is transforming the landscape for small business owners and highlighting the impact of them in all areas of business. Those are real results!

The Power of Partnership

Strategic Partners are given the opportunity to meet our many clients seeking their services and products as participants at our select events, workshops, and on our website. They are listed in our membership directory and have the opportunity to provide professional articles that will offer advice, tips, and trends; at the same time dispel the myths about their products and services.

You are cordially invited to join in a powerful partnership--one that gives you direct access to the latest strategic information on entrepreneurs and their enterprises and high visibility among our small business owners.

Partners who have successfully met our high standards of quality assurance requirements and demonstrate an excellence in service delivery will be invited to be Strategic Partners.

Individuals interested in supporting entrepreneurs and small business owners by being a Strategic Partner please call 561-265-3790.

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